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Concentrator Photovoltaics - Antonio Luque, Viacheslav Andreev
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Antonio Luque, Viacheslav Andreev:

Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Springer Series in Optical Sciences, 1st release, 345 pages, hardcover,, 240 x 160 mm
ISBN: 978-3-540-68796-2
139,05 EURO


Concentrator Photovoltaics - Antonio Luque, Viacheslav Andreev

About the book:
(The following abstract is taken from the publisher directly.)

Photovoltaic solar-energy conversion is one of the most promising technologies for generating renewable energy, and conversion of concentrated sunlight can lead to reduced cost for solar electricity. In fact, photovoltaic conversion of concentrated sunlight insures an efficient and cost-effective sustainable power resource. This book gives an overview of all components, e.g. cells, concentrators, modules and systems, for systems of concentrator photovoltaics. The authors report on significant results related to design, technology, and applications, and also cover the fundamental physics and market considerations. Specific contributions include: theory and practice of sunlight concentrators; an overview of concentrator PV activities; a description of concentrator solar cells; design and technology of modules and systems; manufacturing aspects; and a market study.

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